It’s that time of year again. Trees are up, stores are crowded and many of us wonder what to get our fellow bakers for Christmas this year. There are a lot of habits I kept from my bakeware buyer days and one of them is to always look for what’s new and cool. So here is my top 10 list of gift ideas for bakers under $20.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I did not get paid by any of these guys. These are just tools I love =) Enjoy!

top 10 christmas gifts


#1 Chicago Metallic Ventilated Pie Weight

Finally an easy solution to blind bake your pie crust! No more hot beans spilling all over the place when you try to take them out of the crust. The soft sides hug whatever pie dish you want to choose and the bottom plate is nonstick. What’s not to love?

2013-11-23 06.18.08 pm

Chicago Metallic Ventilated Pie Weight

 #2 Letter Stamp Sets

I use these all the time to print names or expressions directly into cookies. There are a lot of sets out there but I found a super affordable one (under $5):

letter stamp

Estone Biscuit Stamp Set

#3 Scraping Blade Attachment for KitchenAid mixers

Saying that this tool changed my life feels like an understatement =) So let’s try this instead: this attachment is THE first thing any KitchenAid mixer owner should get. Its soft silicone edges scrape the sides of the bowl as you mix so you don’t have to stop and use a spatula after each addition. Like a lot of popular tools, there are a lot of versions out there but here is a very affordable one:


Scrape-A-Bowl Blade for Kitchenaid

#4 Cupcake Corer

This tiny tool will save you a ton of time if you like stuffing your cupcakes with yummy filling. Just plunge, pull out and push the cupcake core out. Done! At under $5, that makes it a great stocking stuffer =)

2013-11-23 05.29.04 pm

Cupcake Corer

#5 Non-Slip Heatproof Oven Mitt

I tried all kinds of oven mitts over the years and I’ve been stuck on these for 2 years now so I’m guessing I have a winner. They are thin but heatproof and the surface has a nonslip texture. Love ‘em

2013-11-23 06.06.13 pm

Non-Slip Oven Mitt

#6 Tiny 3D Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter

I just DIED when I saw this tool. Just press the cutter into your dough and all the pieces are ready to bake. And it’s on sale for under $4!!!


Tiny Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter

#7 Spill-proof bowls for stand mixers

These bowls are awesome if you use a stand mixer. They have a bunch of really cool features like a little channel that lines up with the edge of the mixer bowl to “lock it” into place and a comfortable handle that goes over your hand. They were developed by a really nice inventor I met years ago. He’d invented the bowls when he started losing his sight to be able to continue baking without spilling flour all over the place. Great story. Great product. Make sure to buy the original under his brand Pourfect and not a copycat =)


Pourfect Original Spill-Proof Bowls

#8 “Homemade” Cookie Stamp

A fantastic gift idea for kids. Just made a ball of dough and flatten it with this stamp.


Homemade Cookie Stamper

#9 Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

My go-to rolling pin whether I am making cookies or pies. Guide rings screw on each side of the rolling pin to set a precise dough thickness. So easy.

2013-11-23 06.12.02 pm

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

#10 NordicWare Frosting Tool

I must have tested every frosting tools over the years and this one is by far the best. This might sound surprising to many who know how much I love my basic piping bags but this one is a winner. So what makes it so cool? The main reason I love this frosting tool is that I can get the same amount of frosting with each squeeze of the trigger. Pick a tip shape, pull the trigger, and BAM! cupcake done and on to the next one! Other great feature: you can take it apart and place pieces in the dishwasher. Secret awesome feature: You get to hold it like a machine gun. Yes, I’m a dork but I got a loaded tool full of frosting and I’m not afraid to use it.

2013-11-23 05.14.11 pm

Nordic Ware Cupcake Frosting Decorator Press

Happy Holidays!!!