Did you know that one strawberry has over 200 seeds? That’s one of the fun facts I just learned from my plot neighbor at our community garden. See, I have been obsessed with growing strawberries for the past year. I am not the worst gardener but for some reason I can’t keep a strawberry plant alive. To make it worse, all my neighbors grow amazing strawberries. Luckily, my neighbors are pretty awesome and love to share. Love you guys! To thank them for their advice – and their strawberries – I made these Strawberry Cookies over the weekend. It started with a simple idea but I was really impressed with the way they turned out.

Here is how to make them:

First let’s make the cookies. I am using my basic sugar cookie recipe.

I like that recipe because the cookies don’t expand much during baking. To shape them, I am using a fluted 2″ round cutter and a mini strawberry cutter. First the fluted circles:

 Then, cut out the strawberry shape:

I am already in love =)

Bake for 8 minutes…


Now let’s play with sugar. In a glass measuring cup, pour 1/4 cup of corn syrup and 1/2 cup of sugar:

Mix them together to get a wet sand look:

Microwave for 2 minutes:

Carefully take out of the oven and stir very slowly to get any dry sugar that may be left at the bottom:

Add color:


Microwave again for 2 minutes:

Now be VERY CAREFUL with that melted sugar. It is hotter than hot.

Actually, let it rest for a minute until it stops bubbling:

Now pour some of that sugar into each cookie:

Aren’t they cute?

But then I thought “something is missing……SEEDS!” I grabbed some sesame seeds, tweezers and went for it:

This reminds me of playing Operation:


Now, if I add seeds, I need to add leaves, right? Luckily I always have royal icing on hand.


Can’t wait to make these cookies again with other fruit shapes.