Wanna get an awesome griddle just in time for the holidays? Well we’ve got you covered…

win a griddle

A few months ago I got this amazing griddle made by a company called Swiss Diamond (swissdiamond.us) and I am just crazy about it. I am pretty picky when it comes to non-sticks. See, during my days as a bakeware buyer, I tested every possible nonstick on the market: PTFE, silicone, ceramic, you name it. I would put these babies to the test: burnt cookies, melted sugar, dishwasher cycles and even chicken grease (fun fact: chicken grease is THE killer of nonstick coatings). So when my friend Mark started working at SwissDiamond, he knew I would love their line-up.

I started using my new griddle and I went easy at first. Pancakes and bacon, nothing crazy. But I was quite blown away by its coating so I started playing with it. I melted sugar for tatin-style pancakes, I grilled meats, I scorched veggies and still, it all wiped right off. I was sold.

So I could not be happier than to partner up with Swiss Diamond to give one of these amazing griddles to a lucky reader. In case you were wondering, that’s a $180 value!

All you have to do is fill out the app below to enter for a chance to win. The app doesn’t always show on tablets or phones so if you don’t see it, try with your regular computer and it should work. (Open to US residents only)

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And because it’s the holidays, what better way to use your new griddle than with this simple recipe for Panettone French Toast!

If you’ve never had Panettone, you need to drop everything right now and go buy a loaf. Panettone is essentially an Italian brioche stubbed with dried fruit. Some fancy versions have chocolate chips or chestnuts but I grew up with the basic one so it still tastes best to me. Panettones can get expensive (up to $50!) but Trader Joe’s has a yummy one for $4.99. Gotta love Trader Joe’s.

Your first step is to slice it. Do so in thick horizontal slices. That way, each piece of French toast will be evenly cooked:


Then cut each slice into quarters:


In a shallow dish, crack open 5 eggs and about a cup of whole milk. I am not adding cream, sugar or extract like I normally would for traditional French toast because Panettone has enough flavor on its own:


Whisk it together with a fork and dip some of your slices. In the meantime, preheat your griddle on medium:


Panettone soaks up liquids very fast so flip your pieces after a minute. Melt a tablespoon of butter on your griddle. Once the butter has melted, place your pieces of soaked Panettone on the griddle:


Flip after a few minutes and cook until golden brown on both sides:

IMG_8901 rv

Happy Holidays!!!