The San Francisco Giants did it again! World Series champions for the 2nd time in 3 years. Let me tell you, the city went nuts Sunday night. Everyone got out into the streets and celebrated this victory.  Today Wednesday is the victory parade in downtown San Francisco. 1 million people are expected! Can you believe it? One thing is for sure, we love our Giants.

In honor of this victory, I made some baseball cookies that sport the Giants logo. As usual, easy technique, maximum effect. Here is how to make them:

First we need to make SF Giants logos out of royal icing using an easy tracing method. Make Royal Icing (see recipe) in white, orange and red. Pour each color in a piping bag or squeeze bottle fitted with a #1 tip (teeny tiny tip). Place a piece of parchment paper over the template you want to use. For this project, I cut and pasted the SF Giants logo all over a page in Microsoft Word:

Pipe the orange icing following the template:

Easy, right? Now let these babies dry completely and they’ll pop right off the paper:

In the meantime, let’s bake some cookies. I used our Basic Sugar Cookie recipe and a 2″ round cutter:

Once the cookies have cooled, pipe a white base coat all over each cookie. Let the icing dry for a minute and then drop a logo sugar deco right on top of each cookie:

Once the icing has dried completely, take the same 2″ cutter you used to shape the cookies and use it as a template to mark the seams on each baseball with a food coloring pen:

Using red royal icing, pipe tiny chevron stitches along the seams:

Tadaaa! Baseball Cookies!!