Christmas is all about giving so I had to make you a little something you could share with your loved one. Today’s free printable can hold all kinds of treats and makes a great addition to your stocking stuffer. Just print, cut, fold and glue.

First things first, here is the file:

  Gingerbread House Treat Box

Click here to download: Gingerbread Treat Box (783)

Print however many houses you’ll need. I used a thicker stock of paper. It made for a sturdier box:


Cut out the excess paper. Make sure to keep the extra white tab on the right side and cut into the flaps at the bottom so you can fold them later:


Start folding:


Flip it over and apply glue to the bottom flaps and that white side flap:


Bring it together:


Now fold the top like a milk carton. I found that holding it together with a paper clip overnight really helps:


All done!

IMG_8882 rv3t